Services and Tariffs

PJSC “UKRTRANSNAFTA” have all the required permissive documentation enabling it to engage in the activities specified below (licenses and permits) and engage in them in accordance with the license terms and conditions regulating the said activities.

Oil transportation through main pipelines
Oil transshipment
Storage of oil in the Company’s reservoir parks
Oil acceptance, release and operating storage
Provision of maneuver and towing services by the Company’s vessels
Provision of transportation services by motor transport
Firefighting facilities and heating systems design, installation and maintenance and fire-prevention status assessment
Organization and holding of trainings of professional and amateur sportsmen
Woodworking and joinery sale services
Activities relating to creating pieces of architecture
Leather processing services
Body-guarding services
Provision of services relating to the protection of government-owned and other property
Provision of centralized water-supply and draining services
Provision of landline telephone communication and electric communication channel services
Thermal energy production, supply, and transportation through main and local heating networks
Intermediary activities of a customs broker
Meat and sausage products processing and sale
Garment sewing and selling
Bricks production
Oil transportation

For the services relating to the transportation of oil to the consumers in Ukraine, PJSC ”Ukrtransnafta” charges a payment based on the tariffs approved by the decrees of the National Commission for Regulating the Energy and Public Utility Market of Ukraine.

Transit transportation

For the services relating to the transit of oil across the territory of Ukraine and for other services the prices for which are not liable to the state regulation in accordance with the Prices and Pricing Act of Ukraine, contractual tariffs are established.


The tariffs are calculated in accordance with the Methods of Calculating Tariffs on Provided Services of Oil Transportation through Main Pipelines in the Territory of Ukraine and Oil Transshipment and Loading approved by Decree No. 993 of the NCRE dated July 30, 1999.