In pursuance of the Energy Saving Act of Ukraine and for the purpose of an efficient use of fuel and lubricants by the Company’s units, PJSC “Ukrtransnafta” takes the following organizational and technical measures:

Renewal of the efficiency factor of the main pump units by restoring slit gaskets of the wheels of the main and transfer pumps by spraying their surfaces
Selection and maintenance of optimal oil pumping modes at oil pipeline sections using units having the maximum efficiency factor for the relevant mode
Replacement of the existing obsolescent and depreciated electric motors with new ones having a bigger efficiency factor
Replacement of gas-fired boilers with solid-fueled and electric ones
Replacement of power transformers with modern transformers having a smaller power and a smaller level of losses
Reduction in the consumption of electric power in connection with oil pumping due to a timely removal of paraffin-based deposits from the internal walls of oil pipelines
A timely cleaning of mud-trapping filters at the inlets of the Oil Pumping Stations and oil recording units if the pressure fall at them exceeds 0.25 atmospheres
Installation of energy-saving sources of light for the external lighting of the Oil Pumping Stations and for the internal lighting of the working areas
Reduction in the consumption of heat in residential and working premises by replacing or sealing windows, doors, garage gates, and lobbies (based on the results of a thermal imaging of the facilities)
Replacement of uncontrolled batteries of static condensers at the bus bars of 6 kW electric substations with 110/6 kW batteries of static condensers with an automatic power factor compensation regulation